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how make firefox 20 silent


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Dont know about 20 but for 15 this is the switch I use with sfx package

"setup.exe" /-ms /-ira

Then after I install Firefox and setup with all my addons, bookmarks and theme etc. I back everything up to a firefox folder (saved from local and roaming)

and run the following script for future reinstalls, This also works for my Chrome install as well. DP.biggrin.gif

I also posted back in October a add-on installer for firefox as well-Post#13

@echo off&color a && title, [ FIREFOX SILENT SFX INSTALLER - DOS PROBIE ]
::= Multi-SFX.Installer.cmd =
::= Deploy's Multi-Sfx via For Loop =
:: Put all Sfx.exe files in Same Directory as this batch file!


:: Run Batch From Current Directory
cd %~d0%~p0

:: Variables
set del=del /q/f
set cpy=xcopy /cqhysei

:: Scan and Echo files during install
for /f "delims=" %%a in ('dir/b *.exe') do (
echo == Installing Post Installs == "%%a"

:: Install Delay
ping -n 4 localhost 1>nul

:: Installer
start "" %%a
::Firefox First Run Files (bookmarks,addons,plugins,menu bar)
%cpy% "%~dp0firefox\local\Mozilla" "%userprofile%\appdata\local\Mozilla\">nul
%cpy% "%~dp0firefox\roam\Mozilla" "%userprofile%\appdata\roaming\Mozilla\">nul

for %%a in (ini lnk txt) do %del% %userprofile%\desktop\*.%%a >nul 2>&1
for %%a in (ini lnk txt) do %del% %public%\desktop\*.%%a >nul 2>&1
for %%a in (ini lnk txt) do %del% %homepath%\desktop\*.%%a >nul 2>&1

echo. * DONE *



how i can make silent install to firefox 20 with addon and theme and select the deafult theme in firefox ???

i know the silent switch of firefox is -ms :sneaky:

please heeeeeelp :hello:

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