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iTunes alternative

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standard XPsp3 with OnePiece's All-In-One update pack

guess I'm just a bit behind the curve again ... http://www.google.com/search?q=itunes+xp+site:msfn.org returns posts that are pretty much out of date (intentional?)

I'm trying to download (and play) the audio files for some files from a museum exhibit




I tried at my public library (windows 7 ...) but it cannot play or download these files ... arghhh

is there a way to (a) do an RVMi or nLite install or (b) a plain vanilla admin install, for an alternative that avoids installing apple version of iTunes?

I don't want to install over the internet, and I want all my software installed before I connect to the internet.

I also don't want an Apple program to automatically "organize and play my digital music and video" for me. arghh!


[rant ... kind of annoying that a museum requires iTunes connection (or something) ... so, now I need both adobe bloat + apple bloat? ... yes, it IS a conspiracy!]

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