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Gaining direct disk access

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Hello, I'm trying to experiment the ability to gain direct access to my 250 MB Iomega Zip drive which is located on PHYSICALDISK2. When I try to run the LockDismount 0.3.0 utility under Windows 2000, I end up receiving this error message:


Error in Function IsVolOnDrive.

The network request is not supported.

Moments after receiving this error message, I get another error message as well. :(


Run-time error "5":

Invalid procedure call or argument..

For some odd reason, this utility works under Windows Vista and even on Windows XP, but not on Windows 2000 despite the fact that LockDismount is compiled using Visual Basic 6 (using MSVBVM60.DLL). When I created a virtual disk image from a physical drive, Virtual PC is reporting that the drive is not mounted.

Furthermore, I placed the LockDismount in a directory on the NTFS-formatted drive E and it still doesn't work.

I'm sorry if I'm not providing sufficient information here, but is there any way to fix this this issue?

If not, are there any other utilities that will lock a physical disk so that it can directly gain access to it? :(

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