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Micron TransPort T1000 and ClientPro 365

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The DOS utility to identify which OEMBIOS files to use identifies the T1000 as SAMSUNG_904CF15A and the ClientPro as Genuine C&C_8B2EBECB but the OEMBIOS files I've saved from their OEM installs of XP Pro are different from what's in those downloads.

The T1000 was actually made by Samsung, one of their P series laptops, but customized by Micron. I've no idea where Micron sourced the motherboard for the ClientPro desktop. I've been trying the SAMSUNG_904CF15A files on the T1000 but can't get it to work as a pre-activated install. Had no problems at all with this on some other laptops where the SLP manufacturer in the BIOS matched the name on the case. Must be some small difference making it not work.

I want to make OEM installs for both of these, using the OEMBIOS files and SLP keys I've saved from them. I haven't yet wiped the ClientPro and still have the original hard drive for the T1000 but XP on it has problems.

If someone wants the OEMBIOS files from these Microns, I can send them to you.

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