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(Solved)Driver from Win7 Host OS

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Build Model: Normal (not packed to wim). Im running from USB, all files extracted to root.

This makes it easy to download antivirus updates etc... not having to append a wim file.

Using PE Shutdown, not Windows standard, I can save files and folders on my desktop.

I've even installed basic programs to my online PE build, create and delete shortcuts etc...

Importing all drivers from host OS can be time consuming. I've been importing and installing

lan drivers manually with smart driver backup

Is it possible to configure dpinstL to import network drivers only, either with a cmd switch or xml.

I've searched msdn, lots of info but nothing about my specific question.

I know this switch dpinstL.exe /w (Import from Windows host OS). I've gotten creative and

tried making up some of my own cmd switches with no success.Is what I'm asking possible

or should I try a different approach or different software

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Tom

Came up with something better , still not the ideal solution but takes less than half the time.

I made a small batch script for Double Driver. A great little program from BooZet.

Double Driver

The program has 2 parts, dd.exe, has full gui interface and ddc.exe for command line options.

Not many command options, but easy enough for a dummy like me to figure out.

Saves non microsoft drivers to an easy to understand structure of subfolders. Folders are named by

catagoey, display, net, etc....That makes easy to points commands to exactly the desired drivers.

Better still would be the ability to save only the network drivers, but I did cut my time way down.

I have a very limitted knowlwedge of batch scripting and i can't type but I try.

Most of what I,ve learned came from examples I find online or youtube tutorials.

I work construction computers are a hobby.

Anthow here's my shot at scripting.


@echo off
Title Import Network Drivers From Host
color 1f
echo This Script will Import Network Drivers from the Host Operating System.
echo Choose OS

RunScanner.exe /t 10 /cp /sd /ac /m+ /y ddc.exe b /target:"X:\driverbackup"

Dpinst.exe /path "X:\driverbackup\Net"

rmdir "X:\driverbackup" /s /q
echo Configure your LAN or Wireless Network
"X:\Program Files\PENetwork\PENetwork.exe"

Help please, if you've got a better idea or can improve on mine let me know.

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I modified the above batch script, and starting it with this vbs script, hides the command prompt window.


CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run "Import.bat",0,false

I can Import network drivers in under 3 min.

Place both scripts in same folder as program and point shortcuts to vbs script.

Would still like to find a way to backup network drivers only.

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