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How to make autounattend.xml add languages?

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After installing Windows 8, I have to add a few languages I want to use myself to client's machine but sometimes I may forget to do so and that'd be troublesome to add every time after installing Windows 8. Is there a way to make adding language working unattended?


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The easiest method to add language packs to your deployment image is to use DISM to mount the offline image and add the language packs. This TechNet article explains in detail: How to Add and Remove Language Packs Offline.

While it is possible to use the unattend file to install language packs, the Multilingual Deployment Overview lists a number of items to consider before choosing a specific method of installation. For example: "If you add a language pack to a Windows image in a Windows PE environment, you must add page file support to Windows PE". Adding packages through the unattend file happens in theWindows PE environment during the Offline Servicing pass, so this method would be more complicated than just adding it to the offline image with DISM.

More information about using DISM and deploying Windows 8 can be found on the Deliver and Deploy Windows 8 page of the Springboard Series on TechNet.

Hope this helps,


Windows Outreach Team – IT Pro

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