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Didn't see a Server 2012 topic area (other then unattended), so posting here.

Server 2012 performing multiple roles, like DC, DHCP, DNS, IIS, WSUS (I know, not best practice but I expect to break this down three of four times before I get it all the way I want). This is running on Windows 8 Hyper-V.

So essentially I cant get the Windows 7 client (another VM in Hyper-V) to see the internet via the Server 2012 machine that can see the internet (connected to a standard router at 192.x). The Windows 7 machine IS getting its IP (10.x) from the Server 2012 machine and both machine can ping each other. The Windows 7 machine is showing the 192.x address (the virtual NIC connected to the internet), and the 10.x address (the virtual NIC that is "internal" (Hyper-V's term)) of the Server 2012 machine as its DNS server(s) but it cannot ping (via IP or DNS) internet sites.

I'm thinking I have just not bonded/routed something correctly in RRAS. In RRAS I chose the the NAT (only) option. The choose the 192.x address as the "use this public interface to connect to the internet" when that came up. Now when I choose that the next screen said that "clients on the local area network will be assigned IP addresses from the following range: network address and network mask This sounds like I should have NOT enabled and assigned a DHCP range myself, however in the same paragraph it also said "NAT relies on external DNS and DHCP servers. Confirm that these are working properly". Well, I have confirmed that DHCP is working but the whole point of NAT in my case is to get the client to the internet (so that's almost like a chicken and egg thing). The client can ping the server 2012 machine via IP or DNS (so in that respect DNS is also working).

As an additional nugget of info, on the Windows 7 machine the default gateway is blank. In any case...what am I missing?

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So is there a reason for the 2 IP addresses on the windows 7 machine? an easier approach would be to have a second NIC that you use as your "internet" connection for the VM machines, this would be added on your RRAS server and act as the internet gateway. Adding your ISP's DNS servers to your DNS forwarders list in DNS will get you get out to the internet. In your DHCP scope you can add the RRAS servers IP (internal scope for your VM's) as the DHCP gateway.

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