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Problems with a domain

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Hello everyone,

I hope someone can help me with this. I have to make a virtual server with a workstation (also virtual) for my school. For that I use virtual box. The workstation is windows 7 ultimate. But here is the problem. The whole server is almost done. I installed the AD's that I need and those are working super. I also have added new users for different deppartments. And thats working fine also. But the problem is the domain. On the server I created a domain. And the workstation also have to be in that domain. First I added a computer in the active directory and that was no problem. Then I added the workstation in the same domain. I can log in in the domain with my workstation. So far so good. I also added the DHCP serverrole and put all the settings. I also created a adreslease for the workstation. And its linked to the workstation. He also created a record in the looking forward zones. But I cant point to created a record in the looking reverse zones. I noticed that there was a problem with the communication of the network when I wanted to link to the drive on a partition that I created on the server, where I also created a usermap. On this map the users that use the workstation can save files. When I logged on the workstation as administrator I cant see the server, only the workstation. So I checked the network and there its the same problem. When I click network then he only see the workstation. So I went back to the server to the active directory users and computers to look at the workstation. I see the computer and I can look at the properties. But when I choose manage (in the computer management then I see a red cross at users and groups. And when I click on it then it say "computer PFWS1( thats the workstion) cannot by managed. Choose 'connect to another computer' . So you coud say there is no communication between the server and the workstation. But when I do the pingcommando from the server to the workstation and backwards then I have perfect connection. There is no delay. Also when I log on the workstation as administrator he see the domain. What I also find strange is that the workstation is not useing the ipv4adres that I put in the adresslease in the DHCPthree. I also tested that it might be the IPV4adres. On the server I use static ipv4adres and static dnsadres. And on the workstation I used dynamic ipv4adres but a static dnsadres. I used the dnsadres of t he server. So I changed the settings on the server and workstation to dynamic ipv4adresses and dynamic dnsadresses. But then I couddent choose manage. The settings on virtualbox are:

For the server I have two NIC's. one Nat and the other host-only

For the workstation I have one NIC. NAT

I hope someone can help me. I dont know what to anymore

Many greets and thx for your help and time


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