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Installing programs to windows image


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Hello all, I'm relatively new to Windows unattended installs and customizing images. I have found how to use DISM to apply MSU updates but I am unable to find how to install programs to a mounted WIM.

I'm not even sure if what I'm trying to do is possible since I haven't been able to find anything on the subject. What I would like to do is to be able to mount my install.wim to a local folder and from there, install programs such as Adobe Acrobat or MS Office and then unmount the image and commit the changes. Any ideas? If I'm in the wrong place, or someone has covered this topic already, please point me in the right direction. Thanks


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Hello, thanks for the replies. I didn't see a way with WAIK to add programs. I just wanted to see if there was something I was missing. I will try audit mode/sysprep. Does the 'generalize' option repackage it to where I could deploy it to different sets of hardware(different hdd sizes, processor/motherboard combos)? Also, I used Windows Updates Downloader and downloaded all the .msu updates in the update list but when I used DISM to apply the updates, it finishes stating that one failed. I ignored the one package and repacked the .WIM. Upon installing windows with the updated .WIM, it gets to the last stage, finalizing install i believe, and gives me an error that it could not install all services, please restart installation. Any ideas? I can get the exact message/screenshot if needed. Thanks again.


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In addition to using Audit mode, you may want to look into using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) for deploying Windows. MDT is a common console for Microsoft's deployment tools such as Windows AIK, USMT (User State Migration Tool), ACT (Application Compatibility Toolkit), and more. And the best part is they are all free tools.

MDT can install software, drivers, and updates during the deployment. A benefit to having MDT install software instead of installing it in audit mode is that when a newer version of the software is released, you can just make the change in MDT and any new deployment will have that updated version. There is no need to load the image, make changes, re-sysprep and capture.

Drivers can be imported for each hardware model you have at your site, and MDT will install the proper drivers for you. When a newer version is released, again, just change it in MDT and you are done. Updates can be downloaded manually and imported into MDT, or you can have MDT tell the computer to run Windows Update during the deployment process.

Here are two short videos to show you how easy MDT can make your deployments:

· Deployment Workbenchin Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010

· Part 1: Building theDeployment Environment

In addition to the Windows 7 Deployment Documentation article that Tripredacus created here on MSFN (http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/146986-windows-7-deployment-documentation/), there are many more articles and videos to help your deployments on the Deliver and Deploy Windows 7 page of the Springboard series on TechNet.

Hope this helps,


Windows Outreach Team – IT Pro

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