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Slipstreaming an AIO Disk with RT Sever Lite

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First off hello and I am glad to have joined you guys and gals are very knowledgeable! I have visited your site many times to read up on topics and get the help that way. This is the first time I have joined and posted a question! Also I had moderate computer repair knowledge, I have worked for two computer stores. I am always trying to learn and further advance my knowledge!

I am interested in updating my win 7 AIO disk it has x86 and x64 bit operating systems on it. I have followed all instructions from different sites and they all lead up to one thing. I extract the ISO and it asks me what I want to update. Do I have to install/update each one individually? Is there a simpler way to do this if that is the case?

Also where is a good place to get the most up to date updates hot fixes etc to add to the disk. Please include a link and please do not just say Microsoft. Can anyone help me with a guide on what the process includes because needless to say it is quite confusing dealing with multiple OS's. Where on the contrary Nlite was easy for just one OS.

Also if I have to do each individually do I skip create iso, and do it when I do the last one? I do I need to create an ISO when I complete say win 7 home basic and then use that ISO to edit the next one and so on?

Also every time I switch to a different tab at least 15 windows pop up which I assume are adds but do not load correctly..did I install the program incorrectly?

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