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Problem in connecting to a repeater's virtual SSID

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I have a primary router with SSID "ROUTER_1" in one room. In another room I have configured another router in repeater bridge mode (dd-wrt). The Virtual Interface SSID of this router is" ROUTER_2".

Now as I understand I should connect to the router that is nearest to me. So when in the room having the repeater, I try to connect to ROUTER_2 in my laptop with Windows 7. Unfortunately it's not able to connect and says "Failed to connect". Both SSIDs have identical security and passkey. The repeater works fine with wired connection. The laptop is able to connect wirelessly to the primary router but not the repeater.

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Ok. Not sure why and what happened. I reset the repeater and set it up again exactly the way it was before.

Now I am able to connect to the virtual SSID.

One more question.

If I connect to two SSID's (networks) one via wired LAN and other via wireless, whose bandwidth is consumed when I access the internet? Is it consumed simultaneously from both of them like 50% each?

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