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So here's what I'm going through now.

I have about 125 Gb of music on my computer. This is what I am attempting to do:

  • Music Folder > Artist > Album(s) > song files.extension
  • For the Album(s) folders, I want the template to be "music" and with details view.
  • For the main Music Folder and all Artist folders, I want them to the "general" template with Icon view (half way between large and extra large).

What I have done so far:

  • Select my main Music Folder,set it to "music" template and checked 'apply to sub-folders'. Apply and OK. Refresh.
  • Set the view to "details", go to Organize > Folder and Search Options, view tab, apply to all folders of this type.
  • Select the main Music Folder again, set it to "general" template without 'apply to sub-folders' checked and hit apply.
  • Changed the view of main Music Folder to "icon" view.

So far it is Music Folder (general template) > Artist (music template) > Album(s) (music template) > song files.extension

Now here's the problem, if I change the Music Folder to have general items template and apply to sub-folders, it's going to also apply it to the album folders I don't want it applied to.

I tried selecting all of the Artist folders at once and right-click, edit and change to "general" template (without checking the apply to sub-folders), but it will not batch change all of them and will only change the one that I click on. Without this simple ability, I am going to have to manually select all 526 Artist folders and individually change each one to general.

So is there a way to batch edit this at all (either in Windows or with a third-party program, really any way at all)?

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Yeah, that doesn't really solve my issue though. I don't need a program like that at all.

Those "database"/"library" programs are totally worthless to me as most of them have horrible search functions. I actually have one already that isn't very aesthetically pleasing, but I can basically filter by genre or whatever based on the mp3 tags. That's the ONLY thing I need with one of those. At best, all they can do is organise the file folders, but they can't set the templates or anything like that...

They also have a very annoying tendency of "fixing" totally screwing up my mp3 tags with what it THINKS is the correct information, even when I set them to p*** off and not change my tags, they do it anyway and make them wrong.

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