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Data Management Dream

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First, I really like Windows 8. Everything I have seen and read make me like it even more.

Up until now, I have been managing my data manually. Use “Program X” to synchronize two folders… use “Program Y” to sync to Skydrive.

Now, from what I’ve been reading, Windows 8 will do it all on its own. IF I set it up correctly.

Keep in mind that I am coming from XP so I am slightly unfamiliar with the new features from 7. I may be missing simple tricks that came about with 7.

I have a Live account. (SkydriveA)

My wife has a Live account. (SkydriveB)

My son has a Live account. (SkydriveC)

We all have our separate logins for Windows 8.

All of our Skydrives work nicely in Explorer.

I have two folders, each on a separate internal partition on separate physical drives, with mirrored folders for pictures. (PicturesA and PicturesB)

I want Windows to mirror these folders for me. So that any change to one is caught in the other. In the event of one of my drives dyeing, I will have the other drive with the identical data. I have read a little about the Storage Spaces. But it looks like using that will erase all of my existing data. I also read a little about using Mirrored Volumes. Is there a downside to this? What would be the best way for me to do this?

Now that I have two folders syncing each other… I want Skydrive to sync the data in those folders. Can I get Skydrive to sync to a mirrored volume? Will a junction link to a mirrored volume? What if I want both mine and my wife’s Skydrive to sync to the same folder? Can I create a junction to two separate locations?

And for my son’s Skydrive, he wants his music files to sync. But we all want to access the files from our respective local accounts on the computer. Does Skydrive sync to a folder while another user is logged in and working on the folder?

I know this is a confusing post but hopefully someone knows what I am talking about. Sorry.

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