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uxtheme.dll substitute

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I think you should have a look at the OnePiece's .NET 3.5 SP1 True Addon. It uses an INF file to install so it's much better to analyse and modify then the official MSI installer.

Thanks, Tomas, I'll check that out (just downloading now)

Joe, if you google WPF you'll find out that 90% of the top results are about the Windows Presentation Foundation graphical subsystem introduced with dotnet 3.0.

As for system.core.dll it's a dotnet 3.5 file and you can find it at the following location (navigating the installer with 7-Zip):


Thanks for the extra details, loblo. :)

I did google WPF, and the half dozen hits I opened all said about that Wordperfect stuff. That's why I asked.

As for the two dotNet installers I have, "dotnetfx3setup.exe" and "dotnetfx35setup.exe", neither of them have a "wcu" directory, etc. Hence my confusion. I'll download "dotnetfx35SP1.exe" and check it out.

Thanks again, guys.


PS. I've now downloaded 3.5SP1 from MS under the file name "dotnetfx35.exe". It's huge, about 10 times bigger than the 2.0 framework, and almost 100 times bigger than the two 3.0 and 3.5 installer packages I'd previously downloaded. In retrospect, it's now obvious that the files I had previously downloaded from MS were just downloaders, not the real dotNet packages.

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