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WFW 3.11's "net start" command conflict.

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I'm running into some sort of a problem with using the Arachne browser under MS-DOS and Windows for Workgroups 3.11. I'm currently running it under VMware Player with 64 MB of allocated system RAM which is the most that MS-DOS 6.22 can take...so here how it goes.

I'm currently running the Arachne Web Browser...to access the internet under DOS, I have to invoke this command in line 20 of the AUTOEXEC.BAT file for the AMD PCINet packet driver:

pcntpk int=0x60

But the biggest problem is using the "net start" command which invokes internet access under Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and not DOS, guess what happens. The Arachne web browser hangs for a while and when it's finished, I end up with this error message:


When I run Internet Explorer 5 (16-bit) under WFW 3.11, things just look okay:


Is there a way to fix this to a point where I should make Arachne work under DOS? :(

I'm sorry if I'm not being clear, but I want to point out the conflicts with using the AMD PCINet packet driver and running the "net start" command.

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