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Fast copy software for internal network traffics


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Urgently for business ... looking for the most fastest software for data copy or data transfer in internal network between computers in the same network

I've goggled and found TeraCopy and RichCopy to be the most fastest tools around

When I test both of them I've found it is maximum 9:10 MB/second ... which is really slow for our needs

Please advise for a tool free or paid that could be as fast as possible?

Note: lan is about 20 node ... and daily data traffics in between is about 150:200 GB/day ... Yes we do work in that volume in a daily base ... so please advise for a suitable one?

Also all computers running windows 7 and XP

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first off, is your network backbone gigabit?

Yes, pci cards, cables cat6, switch dlink.

I use robocopy for this kind of tasks.

I found it slow with these software, what is the speed you get?

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i know symantec backup exec is pretty good with a agent running on the backup client

course you have to pay

throughput from a remote pc to backup disk is pretty fast

if you have a managed switch, you might want to think about vlans to help with broadcast traffic on the lan

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