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Remote Task Scheduling


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I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with remote task scheduling or job scheduling on Windows machines. My work is using an in-house piece of software for our simulations, and we currently have a system of batch files that we use in order to run the many different scenarios needed for our analysis (people still have to manually run the batch files on each workstation before going home for simulations to run).

I was wondering if anyone knew of a scheduling system for us to install on our machines where we could schedule jobs through a master scheduler which would then distribute the individual jobs to available workstations. Ideally, system resource availability would change throughout the day (e.g. 4 out of 8 cores are available for tasks during the day, while all 8 cores are available at night), but that's not strictly a requirement.

I've setup similar systems on Linux machines before (using Maui/Torque), but I haven't been able to easily find a similar setup for Windows yet. Any help or options would be much appreciated. All of our workstations are running Windows 7 Enterprise, and our group has local administrative rights to our machines.

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