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Windows 98 shutdown issues with integrated Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit


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The HP D530 (Intel 865) and HP D7100 (Intel 915) are both equipped with integrated Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet adapters. For some reason the Windows 98 does not shut down properly when the Broadcom b57w2k.sys ( driver is loaded. I was unable to solve this problem, so far. So, I'm using some different PCI ethernet adapters with the integrated Broadcom disabled, for the moment.

Does anyone with a Broadcom NetLink gigabit adapter from the BCM57xx series, have shutdown problems, as well?

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Apparently like myself, no-one else has these systems...For info all, ref;


shows the chip to be "Broadcom 5782 PCI LAN Controller"

other OSes apparently have shutdown problem with this chip, e.g.;



Maybe try using only Standby or Hibernate instead of Shutdown, as referenced here;


using WOl.exe fm here;



Other than trying the later b57w2k.sys file contained in the Windows 2000 version of the drivers

(and the DOS utilities) on here;


,nothing else comes too mind.



{Note, so this post isn't totally unhelpful, in regard to Sfor's HP D7100, Sfor please be advised of this

unrelated hardware problem;



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I'll add some more informations.

The HP d530 both Small Form Factor and Convertible Minitower versions do have the same motherboard. The Ultra-slim Desktop version does have a different one.

The all three HP DC7100 versions are equipped with different motherboards, as far as I know.

I'm using just the Convertible Minitower d530 ad DC7100.

A side note:

There seem to be not much sense in using standby function to shut down the system. I saw no possibility of using the Hibernate function in Windows 98. However it works fine in Windows 2000. The mentioned WOL functios are working great on both d530 and DC7100, if the BIOS settings are set correctly. It has nothing to do with the OS running, as far as I know. Also the WOL works correctly with capable PCI ethernet adapters (not just the integrated ethernet port) on d530. I had no opportunity to test everything on DC7100, so far.

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I was lucky to observe a perfect system shutdown, when the ethernet cable was unplugged. Following through, I did confirm, the system shuts down correctly, when DHCP lease is released, just before the shutdown or reboot.

The next step was to separate the Microsoft Networking client and sharing from TCP/IP, while leaving just the NetBeui for file sharing. TCP/IP stack is still available for Internet access, while file sharing is done just in the LAN through NetBeui. The system seems to power down and reboot correctly, now.

Strange, but effective.

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That is very nice ^^

I tried to put win98se on my HP NX6125 laptop and it also has a Broadcom NIC, and I also got shutdown issues. I also observed that when LAN cable was unplugged and no IP was aquired I could shut down properly.

I stopped fighthing though because I could not get WiFi work and the BIOS whines when I change WiFi card.

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