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I have a pc that runs Win2000 server.

I want to keep all the files and the OS, etc, so that it will be a usable server any time I need it, but I will mostly use it for desktop pc (not at the same time, most of the time, it will run as desktop).

So, I want to secure the server files and functionality, and use it as desktop that this desktop usage will not affect the server.

How can I do that? Maybe by creating an account? or sandboxing? which is more secure and will distinguish totally the two usages? (again, not at the same time, but I will switch from desktop to server, if needed, and vice versa)


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My experience with W2k Server is only few hours short, so I add my 2 cents worth only to await a more justified opinion...

W2k Server seems pretty usable as a workstation as-is, as opposed to W2k3 which needs some tuning (see special thread). So what kind of adaptation do you want?

Maybe you'll just want to eject the Active Directory service when running as a workstation, or just a few more services? For that, you could create two reg files I suppose, which you execute before rebooting. Or start and stop the services from the console.

I've read (on this forum?) that some software, especially antivirus and firewall, need special expensive licences to run on a Server flavour. Could be interesting to check.

Other possibility: have a separate licence and install Cd for W2k workstation (dirt-cheap on eBay), make a dual boot.

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