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changing things via run once and registry


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i have a friend that wants me to setup his mates computer like i set his up

i was just wondering if and how i could go about this?

can i create a run once command to do it?

and can UAC, pinned start bar items etc be copied from the regisrty and input in the run once?

the basic things i want to change are

theme colour

turn UAC off (its more annoying than helpful imo)

pinned to start menu

-remote assistance

-remote desktop

-other programs

and then do a few installs of certain programs

and copy some settings etc over

any help on where to find the reg commands?

or another way to do it without having to manually do it again and again

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Are you configuring your friends computer from a fresh install or has his this os been on his computer for awhile.

I have used a program called RegShot (i believe) years ago to do something similar to this, although, I am not sure if you can use it in your situation.

Basically takes a before shot of your system, you do some changes, then takes an after, and lets you compare / contrast what has changed. And i think you can compile it to a reg file to run on another machine. Now the problem with this is, you have to run it before and after on the original machine. You have to have similar systems etc.


Just throwing that out there.

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i have used regshot previously for something else but it seems to have alot of reg changes even if u havent done anything

i was just wondering if theres a list like xp where certain reg keys do certain things so i can just export those reg keys

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