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Multiboot DVD and Nlite?

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I have made a multiboot dvd with XP SP3 Home,Pro and MCE 2005 SP2,following flyakite's guide.

My folder structure is:



C:\AIO-DVD\SETUP\XP\Pro\ ---i386








C:\AIO-DVD\OEM ---Driverpacks

I updated the Home and Pro sources with Post SP3 Update pack and added driverpacks,moved the OEM folder to root

of disk and deleted OEM folders from Home and Pro setup folders.

I also added OEMscan to $OEM$ folders to all the setup folder's.This setup works succesfully.

My question is when I nlited my sources on a previous attempt,my tweaks and addons were not applied?

Only the switchless installers were installed.

Is this something to do with *.inf?


E.g:Ricktendo64 Sidebar





I'm assuming the *.inf is looking to the root of my disk for i386 folder.

Can i edit the *.inf to look in the right folder?,if so can someone show an example please.TY

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