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[DISCONTINUED] DirectX 9.0c Full Pack for Win2000


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This project has been discontinued.

Please check the Unofficial SP 5.2 for Windows 2000 thread for more information.


DX9.0c Full Pack is a fully updated DX archive which can be slipstreamed directly into Windows 2000 source in HFSLIP. There are two versions - Standard (2004) and Gaming (June 2010).

There are two main advantages of using this pack:

1. You don't have to slipstream two DX9 updates separately (975560 & 975562).

2. DX Gaming from June 2010 is not officially available for Windows 2000.

Below you can see full list of files included in each update:

DX9.0c Full Pack (Standard)

directx_9c-W2KFP_redist.exe (13.52 MB)

files included:




DX9.0c Full Pack (Gaming)

directx_Jun2010-W2KFP_redist.exe (60.86 MB)

You must slipstream either UURollup (ENU) or WB kernel or BWC kernel together with DX9.0c Full Pack (Gaming). Use the HF folder in HFSLIP.

files included:

directx_jun2010_redist.exe (+two files BDANT.cab & dxnt.cab from the feb2010 release)



Features & Technical Information:

- June 2010 release modified in order to make slipstreaming in Win2k possible

- .dll files from the two updates were directly copied into DX source .cab files

- should be slipstreamed from HF folder

- cannot be installed manually (DX installer is not included)

- don't use both versions at the same time

I hope you find it useful :)

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I have finded a real DirectX 9.0c Full Pack for Win2000, it is made by BlackWingCat too.

It can be installed very easy! The best one, the real working one!

You can check this from his blog.

FileName: dxJun2010w2kb.exe

Version: DirectX 9.0c 2010(June)

last update: 2011/01/27 Download: 58.1M

Language: Multi

Description: DirectX9.0c + Extension for Windows2000


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BlackWingCat's installer (not Full Pack ;)) is a different thing.

Apart from DX9c (June 2010) files it installs also a few modified .dlls (there is a detailed description somewhere on the MSFN board) and the main purpose of it is to install DX9 (June2010) in a running system, not slipstream it.

It also doesn't contain KB975560 & KB975562 (BlackWingCat included different versions of msyuv.dll and quartz.dll, I guess the XP ones).

On the other hand, DX9.0c Full Pack contains only official files coming from M$ and the only purpose of it is slipstreaming. You should use BlackWingCat's installer if you want to install the newest DX9 (Gaming) as my package doesn't contain an installer.

DX9.0c Full Pack is only for slipstreaming.

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