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[DISCONTINUED] IE / OE Mini Rollup for Windows 2000


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This project has been discontinued.

Please check the Unofficial SP 5.2 for Windows 2000 thread for more information.


I made a small Rollup of Internet Explorer and Outlook Express updates. You can use it instead of the 7 (9) separate files which are listed below. It's fully compatible with HFSLIP and can be also installed manually in a running system. Although it contains both IE5/OE5.5 and IE6/OE6 files, only matching versions get installed. It means that if you don't slipstream IE6 (i.e. no IE6 cabs are present), only IE5/OE5.5 files will get copied. On the other hand, if you slipstream IE6, then only IE6/OE6 files are used. It's the same if installed manually.

If you decide to use this Rollup and slipstream it in HFSLIP, you can delete all updates which are present on the following list. I added all official & unofficial updates from the bristols' list (except KB2479628 which is not an IE update per se). I didn't include any HBRs (hotfixes by request).

Rollup 1 contains only official updates. Rollup 1.1 contains both official and unofficial updates (KB2416400 & KB2423089).


- one Rollup instead of 7 (9) separate updates

- fully HFSLIP compatible (use HF folder)

- manual installation possible

- FDV fileset compatible*

* - requres the newest beta of HFSLIP (HFSLIP 1.7.10 beta J v5) if slipstreaming IE6

Screen shots




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Here are the links :whistle:

IE/OE Mini Rollup 1.1 (v2a) (official & unofficial updates)

IEOEMR1.1-v3-Windows2000-x86-ENU.exe (English) 11.6 MB

Included updates:










IE/OE Mini Rollup 1 (v2) (only official updates)

IEOEMR1-v3-Windows2000-x86-ENU.exe (English) 11.44 MB

IEOEMR1-v3-Windows2000-x86-ITA.exe (Italian) 11.45 MB

IEOEMR1-v3-Windows2000-x86-PLK.exe (Polish) 11.46 MB

Included updates:








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I found a bug. Some registry entries are not added (while system files are copied properly). I need to do some more tests to find the cause of this behaviour.

For now I've blocked the downloading until I fix this problem. If anyone has already installed/slipstreamed this Rollup you should just install the updates listed above over it. I'm very sorry for inconvenience :(

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I think I found a solution. Initially I based the method of adding registry entries according to the IE version on the one that BlackWingCat used in his Security Rollup (JPN only). I thought that if he's used it in his Rollup, then everything would be O.K... but it proved that there is a flaw in that method. While all files were indeed copied properly (IE5 files if IE5 installed, IE6 files if IE6 installed, etc.), the registry entries for each version of IE/OE were not added at all!

I had to add one section to the update.inf file which I found out about when analysing the update.inf from Update Rollup 1 (official). This is just technical information for anyone interested in modyfing updates :)

The old one was like this (just a part of update.inf)




Operation=CheckFileVer, browseui.dll, >=,


CopyFiles=IE6.System32.Files, IE6.Cache.Files, IE6.VGX.Files

but this is not enough to have the "AddReg" and "DelReg" sections properly processed. An another section must be added:



Only after adding these strings the registry entries are 'activated'.

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I uploaded the new fixed & improved version. All bugs are fixed and the update.inf has been slimmed down as I removed all duplicate entries.

There are actually two versions now - ver. 1 and ver. 1.1. The difference is that ver. 1 contains only official updates while ver. 1.1 installs both official & unofficial updates. I edited the first two posts so please read the explanation there. I removed the KB number as it's useless and may be confusing for some people. I believe the new filename should be clearer.

I also made a Polish language version for ver. 1 and I have a proposition for you :) I can make other language versions as well but first I need to know if there are ANY people interested in it.

Please post here if you would like to have this Rollup in your language.

It's very easy to make a localised version of it so even 1 person is enough ;) Of course I'm talking only about localisation of MR 1 as the two unofficial updates are not available in other languages (so can't make localised Rollup 1.1 unfortunately).

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  • 3 weeks later...

I uploaded v2 of IE / OE Mini Rollup.


  • - fixed several registry bugs
    - fixed Windows Updates compatibilty (WU doesn't ask for IE/OE updates anymore)
    - RTMQFE registry entries are now added from IE6.0sp1-KB982381 (before it was RTMGDR)

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I uploaded the v2a version of IE / OE Mini Rollup 1.1.


  • - fixed an error causing Windows text setup to stop when copying shlwapi.dll after slipstreaming the rollup by HFSLIP (the header of shlwapi.dll was wrong)

IE / OE Mini Rollup 1 is not affected by this problem.

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v3 of both IE / OE Mini Rollup 1 & 1.1 is ready.


  • - improved compatiblity with Windows Updates

From now it's fully compatible with WU and the IE / OE updates included in the rollup won't be asked for by WU after you've installed the rollup.

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  • 2 months later...

Since it's impossible to make this kind of rollup compatible with sfc /scannow (because of overlapping catalog files from IE5&IE6) I decided to remove it. Maybe I'll try to make an IE6-only rollup in near future :)

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