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Setting ip address from within a range in WINPE (no dhcp)

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Hi friends,

First of all lemme explain what the problem is!

We have multiple DHCP servers in our network and they should run no matter what! So that becomes a problem because when wpeinit happens it looks for a DHCP server for an IP address and sometimes it listens to the wrong DHCP server and the Windows installation wouldnt start. Now is it possible to set an IP address within 172.16.x.x - 172.16.x.x all the time winpe boots and I also dont want WINPE to obtain IP information froma DHCP server from here on. I know we can set an ip address manually using netsh but doing that will cause IP address conflicts coz we are including this in our startnet.cmd script.

Please help!

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If just checking which dhcp answered and acting accordingly (release ip then renew if wrong dhcp) is enough you might create a script to do it. But in most cases it's the same dhcp which answer faster so you'll be stuck at the same point.

As you need to run multiple copies at the same time, using a random ip might work but might cause problems with your dhcp.

The right way to do it would be:

- first exclude from dhcp a specific range of ip addresses reserved for winpe.

- create a script to use it (first winpe will use first ip then other will try the first ip and see it's already in use and use the next one).

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Hi friends, Can someone help me out with a Batch script which will help set an ip address randomly from the following:

IP Range: 172.16.x.x - 172.16.x.x

Subnet mask:

Please help!

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Are you sure that you are not wanting something in the range of 172.16.0.x with a Subnet Mask of It was my understanding that the IP range - uses the default mask of

Also as seems to be common around here lately, this is not a script request forum, please make an attempt at the script and provide full information in order to get help, advice or information.

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Well, my File server is So I would want all the systems to be in the range - so that they are in the same subnet. And i dont understand onething, How is the default subnet mask Can you please explain?!

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