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Integration of nVidia geforce drivers v270.61


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As they seem to keep changing their installation package, I think i'll make a specific request for that 270.61 version.

I can't managed to integrate it with inf method (called from winnt.sif) in my unattended xp x86, no drivers installed when first login, the odd thing is that i can then install them with inf method (Devices/Update Driver ... pointing the inf) and not only driver get installed but also PhysX nView, Control Panel and the updater.

With the 266.58 version calling inf from winnt.sif resulted in a message error "Nvidia Driver Errror" at t = 34 during install but when getting on the desktop the driver was installed but not the Control Panel and the rest of the crap software.

Has anybody else encountered the same problems ?

nVidia should release a package with only drivers and without all others programs or services, this constant changing of the install package is getting very annoying.

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