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TFTP32 based RIS install

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Hi all,

I've been using the TFTP32 based RIS install for quite some time and it worked perfectly for my scenario. I used OEM distribution share to automatically install softwares, updates and other things. The problem im facing now is that i've almost 10 different WinXP setups ranging from WinXP SP1 to SP3. In order to use OEM folders, i have to copy the same OEM folder in all 10 WinXP directories so that it can be copied during network install.

To conserve space and make my life easier, i experiment to rename the "i386" directory so that i can put all my WinXP installation in same base directory having rename their i386 folder. After some trial and error (patching setupldr.bin, editing txtsetup.sif and dosnet.inf) i was able to achieve this to some extent.

The textmode setup works fine and copies everything to hardisk but as soon as the GUI Mode setup starts, it prompt me for the location of the i386 directory. It shows me that it is searching "C:\$win_nt$.~ls\i386" while my original files are in "C:\$win_nt$.~ls\i387" directory (i have renamed i386 to i387). Now i want to fix this but im unable to find the location where it is pulling this address from.

If someone can provide any help, i shall be grateful to him.


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