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EgisTec BioExcess FingerPrint driver problem

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I own a LENOVO IDEAPAD V460 (59 - 044185) laptop. It has an integrated fingerprint driver & a web-cam. Both are internally connected by USB bus, I guess. I've installed Windows XP several times & every time I installed all the drivers listed here. I need to install EgisTec FingerPrint driver & BioExcess front end to power up the fingerprint reader (FPR). Never I faced any problem. But only this time, what problem I'm facing is - every time I try log in to the system, the Windows XP logon screen apperas, but the BioExcess FingerPrint recognition remains disabled. When I enter password (instead of fingerprint) & log in to the system, then also it remains de-activated. When I swipe finger at BioExcess console, it shows "Unable to detect fingerprint device". Every time I need to install the EgisTec driver to activate the FPR device & get it recognized by BioExcess. I haven't stopped any services associated with EgisTec driver. Any ideas to share?

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