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XP Annoyances: is there cure for these problems?


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01. Default folder size: Just create new folder, double click and see the size. How to change this "default" size so every new folder or unopened folder open with user specified size? (I don't want to open, change size and close to save OK??)

02. Browse window size: This is the window we see when we SAVE/OPEN files. I found "FileOpenPatcher" on Internet but it only saves height, NOT width. Does anyone know of decent patch for COMDLG32.DLL???

03. How to disable these empty folders???: %ROOT%\System Volume Information, %PROGRA~1$\ComPlus Applications. Don't tell me what it does, because i already know and have disabled them (also services associated with them)

04. How to save size & position of removable devices such as USB sticks?: On harddisks, open+resize+close saves folder size but this does not happen with USB sticks etc...

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