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Use Remote Assistant in 2k3 AD


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I have a 2K3 AD with XPs as clients. I used "Remote Assistant" to assist users for years w/o problem. Recently we added some Win7 PCs and I found cannot connect to these PCs by using RA. Any ideas??

Also, after adding the Win7 PCs, I want to add the printer drivers to our network printers but cannot find the option. How can I add the Win7 driver option onto the net-printers???

Thanks for the help in advance.

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1. For remote assistance to work, you need to make sure the remote tab in system properties is set to allow remote access from at least NLA devices (if you're trying to connect from XP or 2003 machines, you'll need to choose the second option for "all versions" instead).

2. The user account that is trying to connect needs to be in at least the Offer Remote Assistance Helpers group on the Win7 machines, or in the Administrators group (or both). Otherwise, you won't be able to connect.

3. You probably want to make sure you've configured policy (either local or group policy) to configure remote assistance settings on the Win7 machines.

4. Last, for printers, you need to connect to the print server (just \\server) from a Win7 PC, click "View remote printers", and then use "Add a printer" or right-click a printer, go to it's properties, click the "Advanced" tab, and click the "New Driver" button to add a Win7 driver (from the Win7 machine).

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Thanks for faxt reply.

1) I'm using the RA to te XP PCs w/o problem. Only wen I try to connect to the Win7 PCs I got the error.

2) I will check on that but I think I did it already I added the admins to the group. Do I need to add the group from the Win7 PC or I can add through GPO like I did on the XP PCs.?? (I used GPO to allow the XPs ti allow help from admins).

3) Can I use GPO to configure the Win7 PC as I did in XP PCs?? Will the same GPO apply to WIN7 PCs??

4) For the net-printers, is there any way I can put the driver onto the server so I don't have to go each Win7 PC to add the driver??

thanks again for your prompt reply.

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