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tracert loop problem

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connecting to my website http://www.deep-silver.com is very slow, this issue only with Windows 7( latest build with all updates). all other website are fine only this server.

If i use my other pc in the same network with WindowsXP I have no problem at all.

while running tracert command under Windows 7, I've realised that the loop will continue to search for the target even if it already reached it. as you can see from the pix.

trace to deep-silver.com []

found the target at loop no.14 but still continue up to the maximum loops(30).

running the same command under WindowsXP will stop at loop No.14. and viewing my website from WindowsXP PC is not a problem.

I've tried almost anything that came up to my mind. ..

clear cache , history, dns, network and so on.

Please advice.


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That is interesting - it would be worth getting a network monitor or wireshark trace of the client browser on Win7 connecting to your site to see what is happening at the network level.

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After viewing this post I check TRACERT on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit installation.

From my system, I selected IBM.COM just for the hell of it. It got there in 19 hops, but continued with the last 11 of the 30 available hops, timing out all the way

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can someone else please give it a try, just want to know if it's problem on my side or some sort of a bug.

I've contacted microsoft support in refer but still no reply.

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