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  1. Using the latest nLite add extra white spaces while using syntax in Entries.ini ; Creating [setupData] directive in WINNT.SIF [AddDirective] WINNT.SIF,SetupData [EditFile] WINNT.SIF,SetupData,SetupData [setupData] OSLoadOptionsVar="/noguiboot /sos /noexecute=alwaysoff /fastdetect" =========================================================================================== The above result in WINNT.SIF [setupData] OSLoadOptionsVar=" /noguiboot /sos /noexecute=alwaysoff /fastdetect" Note the extra white spaces after OSLoadOptionsVar="
  2. can someone else please give it a try, just want to know if it's problem on my side or some sort of a bug. I've contacted microsoft support in refer but still no reply.
  3. connecting to my website http://www.deep-silver.com is very slow, this issue only with Windows 7( latest build with all updates). all other website are fine only this server. If i use my other pc in the same network with WindowsXP I have no problem at all. while running tracert command under Windows 7, I've realised that the loop will continue to search for the target even if it already reached it. as you can see from the pix. trace to deep-silver.com [] found the target at loop no.14 but still continue up to the maximum loops(30). running the same command under WindowsXP will stop at loop No.14. and viewing my website from WindowsXP PC is not a problem. I've tried almost anything that came up to my mind. .. clear cache , history, dns, network and so on. Please advice.
  4. tested 100%, using the latest nLite on XP SP3. there is nothing to do with the height as the bitmap start from bottom and end with black i suggest you test it yourself before posting.
  5. By applying the bellow tweak... [Tweaks] -> Start Menu -> Disable and remove Documents list from the Start Menu. will also remove the BMP pic from the start menu, the one that show your Windows Version (Vertical) when using Classic theme.(classic Start Menu). I'm not really sure why (maybe nLite bug??) as that should not happen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I spend hours spotting it. hope that it will help those who wonder what cause it.
  6. By applying the bellow tweak... [Tweaks] -> Start Menu -> Disable and remove Documents list from the Start Menu. will also remove the BMP pic from the start menu, the one that show your Windows Version (Vertical) when using Classic theme.(classic Start Menu). I'm not really sure why (maybe nLite bug??) as that should not happen.
  7. While trying to remove drivers(any) from XP / PRO / VL / x64, setup -> files copy hang with an error "unable to copy file msg732.acm" even if the file found inside /I386/ folder it is looking for it inside /AMD64 folder. copying the above file into /AMD64/ folder solve the problem. the issue is that the above file not belong to /AMD64/ folder. while not sure, i think that it is an nLite bug. only with x64. did anyone else experienced it?
  8. Win XP Pro SP2 x64 after successful slipstriming Security Update for Windows XP x64 Edition (KB952069) windows update still show the above hotfix. anywork around?
  9. Im not sure of what you mean. i can upgrade my running SP2 with out any error. system properties show Service Pack 3, v3.264 i did not use any activation, only used my cd key.
  10. My key works fine. upgrading SP2 is not a problem at all. as well as all other windows related appalication. Could u confirm and post your build no?
  11. could u please give more details as of ur installation. 1.did you slipstream it using nlite? 2. did you replaced pidgen.dll or deleted it and just added the one from SP2? 3. Did you set permission on the above file? 4. have u made any modification to the source files? 5. in SP3/I386 folder there is a pidgen.inf, did u remove it? I just confirm it and its NOT a VMWare issue. ive burned the iso and tried it on 2 machines, as well as tried it with 2 versions, English and Japanese both Corporate versions.
  12. As i wrote before, This method is NOT working with Corporate version. its only give u a way to pass the cd key input requirement , once the install finish and the system try to confirm the ur serial no. u will see this endless error. this happen when the system first try to save setting before reboot. Now i tried all other method with no luck. 1.replace pidgen.dll of SP3 cd with that of SP2 = fail . 2.replace pidgen.dll of SP3 cd with that of SP2 and set read only = fail 3.set unattandend to read only= fail. upgrading SP2(nliting or not) to SP3 after install has no problem what so ever. I think that.... 1. as of SP3 windows is no longer supporting the Corporate version CD keys method found in SP2. 2. could be that nlite is not 100% compatiable with SP3 as some users report. 3. as i wrote on my first post, not all options found in nlite is actually working with SP3 4. Could be because of VMWare. So for those that managed to get it to work, could u please give more information. read only is not enough info. P.S= the above tests made using the latest SP3 build, slipstreaming Windows XP Pro SP2 Corporate version without modifing anything. and running on the latest version of VMWare. this images shows the error(on VMWare) u get when i replaced pidgen.dll with the one from SP2
  13. Hi there. Ive notice that after slipstreaming SP3(latest build) into Windows XP SP2 volume licenses, it will no longer accept my current cd key. ive tried to replace the pidgen.dll with the one from the sp2, then it did not ask for a key but at the last part of the installation i get endless error while setup is doing the saving part, complain that an error accur while trying to verify licence. i also tried this mathod http://www.msfn.org/board/xp-sp3-cd-key-t1...481#entry732481 and used a random key found in i386\pid.inf, the result where that i end up having a 30 days trial version. I tested it on a fresh install and did not remove anything only Unattended it. the only way i could install SP3 is by adding it via svcpack.inf. this work perfect and windows is genuine activated again . This method sucks. is there a fix for that or am i doing anything wrong? Please advise. P.S= i notice that the Unattended process will still show the computer name screen with the pri configured name in it and will have to click next. this is only happen when using hide pages. fully Unattended has no proplem.

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