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Log on password hint


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For XP sp3,I have a password hint that does show up for the User Accounts dialog when you "Show password hint" but it doesn't show up when you hit the "?" at log on.

Any ideas?

I can't attach any more Mbytes to MSFN so, excerpt:

;# Network #

Communication tools

Comtrol Test Terminal Program

FrontPage Extensions

Internet Connection Wizard

Internet Explorer

Internet Information Services (IIS)

IP Conferencing

MAC Bridge

Map Network Drives/Network Places Wizard

MSN Explorer


NetShell Cmd-Tool

Network Diagnostic

Network Setup Wizard

NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Protocol

Outlook Express


Share Creation Wizard

Synchronization Manager

Vector Graphics Rendering (VML)

Web Folders

Windows Messenger

;# Operating System Options #

Administrative Templates

Auditing Resource Dlls

Blaster/Nachi removal tool

Certificate Management

Color Schemes

Desktop Cleanup Wizard

Disk and Profile Quota

Disk Cleanup

Document Templates

DR Watson

Extensible Storage Engine (Esent97)

FAT to NTFS converter

File and Settings Wizard

Format drive support

Help and Support

IExpress Wizard

Input Method Editor

Manual Install and Upgrade

MS Agent

MS XML 2.0

Private Character Editor

Remote Installation Services (RIS)

Search Assistant

Security Center

Shell Media Handler

Symbolic Debugger (NTSD)


Visual Basic 5 runtime

Visual Basic 6 runtime

Visual Basic Scripting support

Web View

Zip Folders

;# Services #


Automatic Updates

Beep Driver

Distributed Link Tracking Client

Error Reporting


IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service

Indexing Service

IPSEC Policy Agent


Network DDE


Quality of Service (QoS)

Remote Registry

Removable Storage

Route Listening Service

RPC Locator

Service Advertising Protocol

Simple TCP/IP Services

System Restore Service


Terminal Services

Text Services Framework

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Volume Shadow Copy


Windows Time

Wired AutoConfig

I could start knocking these down one at a time but I was hoping that someone has seen this already.

Maybe start with Terminal Services?

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I would think something that is preventing (or service removed) access to the registry until after log on:


Time for me to break out the vm again.

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I am only testing individual items. There could still be the possibility of failure due to combinations of two or more.


;# Operating System Options #

Help and Support

;# Services #


Remote Registry

Terminal Services

Text Services Framework

This could take months. If you have the same problem, post here and I will narrow the list.

I believe that this may be specific to XP Home version.

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