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[REQ] silent install


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No no myselfidem, i need silent parameters to integrate RT7Lite into my DVD of seven

Just use /? or /help


Start Menu | Run


C:\rt_7_lite_win7_Vista_x86_sp1.exe /?

Result inside the dialog box:

Command Line:

rt_7_lite_win7_Vista_x86_sp1 [options]


/? or /help - displays this message

/extract:<directory> - extracts all files in <directory>

/listlangs - list languages supported by this setup

<msiOptions> - options for msiexec.exe on running the MSI package

Extract the files inside a folder with the name you want and you can see inside the .msi file!

C:\rt_7_lite_win7_Vista_x86_sp1.exe /extract:C:\RT

Same thing for the .msi file for the silent install:

C:\RT\rt_7_lite_win7_Vista_x86_sp1.msi /?


msiexec.exe /i "%systemdrive%\Install\rt_7_lit_win7_Vista_x86_sp1.msi" /qn (or qb)


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