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creating a ramdrive before Windows starts

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I have XP x86 and it use /PAE switch and even Microsoft isn't always right when they speak about their OS. On my mobo (a µatx for mobile cpu) xp doesn't see more than 3GB natively (even with /pae switch) but with those Ramdrive, you can use the memory above 3GB in my case. I had 2 stick on 1GB and i replaced one with a 4GB stick to see if that would work. I suppose the ramdrive driver use a specific api (not a Microsoft one) to address memory above (perhaps it use more than one pointer to address memory).

I'll probably buy a second 4GB stick soon now that i saw the difference between a RAM pagefile and HD pagefile and i'll create two ramdrive one for page file and one for the temporary files.

I'll do this as i am not planning to move to a x64 OS soon.

As for the Microsoft article, i it only speak about classical way. I don't if you knew the first hard drive limitation to 137GB but at first, everyone said it was impossible to overcome but even Microsoft did it (other like most HD manufacturer did it before). Anyway, as the XP will be dropped soon by Microsoft, i don't think they will do anything to overcome the 4GB limitation for free. Most people who use a X64 OS choice it because it could use more then 4GB.

The strange thing about this limit is why pagefile isn't also limited to 4GB (it is also used a memory for programs) ?

I understand, thank you for these informations.

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Sorry for bumping (even if it's created by me).

I use RamDisk Plus for some time.

I noticed a problem: sometimes (20%) when I start Windows the pagefile isn't created on it.

The OS reports that the drive has a pagefile:


But it reports only the one from drive C at "Total paging file size for all drives":


I restart the computer and most of the times the page file is created again.

Does anybody has a solution for this problem...?

Regards, Cosmin

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