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ISO image creation with mkisofs makes files name truncated.


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I'm trying to create a bootable CD with FreeDOS and without the long file names limitation. Inside the ISO image I've included the FreeDOS files and a lot of files contain files longer than 31 chars as for example these :



and so on.

I make the ISO image using mkisofs with the following parameters :

-o fdoem.iso -b isolinux/isolinux.bin -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info -table -N -r -iso-level 4 -J -l -D -joliet-long -relaxed-filenames CDROOT

this is what happens when I make the ISO image.

Using "mkisofs.rc"

Warning: creating filesystem that does not conform to ISO-9660.

Warning: Creating ISO-9660:1999 (version 2) filesystem.

Warning: ISO-9660 filenames longer than 31 may cause buffer overflows in the OS.

Size of boot image is 4 sectors -> No emulation

2.83% done, estimate finish Mon Sep 27 14:11:58 2010

5.66% done, estimate finish Mon Sep 27 14:11:58 2010

99.00% done, estimate finish Mon Sep 27 14:12:01 2010

Total translation table size: 2048

Total rockridge attributes bytes: 113522

Total directory bytes: 319488

Path table size(bytes): 3142

Max brk space used 14a68b0

176773 extents written (345 MB)

Created cdrom imagefile fdoem.iso out of directory CDROOT

as you can see,there are no problems.

After having created the ISO image,I've burnt it using NERO with the following parameters :

Mod Data : Mode 1

File System : ISO 9660 + Joliet

Name File Lenght (ISO) : Max 31 chars (lev.2 )

Charset : ISO 9660 (standard CD/ROM ISO)

After having burnt the CD,I see that the long file names are read correctly by Windows,but not by FreeDOS. Here they are truncated with the 8+3 format. As I read,FreeDOS does not support long file names,so I'm using the DOSLFN driver.

The DOSLFN.TXT file,says :

c (CDROM support): Enables CDROM support, i.e. DOSLFN uses much more memory

to keep code for CDROM initialization and CDROM access. This switch defaults

to the state whether SHSUCDX v3.01 is loaded or not (this version of DOSLFN

does not work with MSCDEX or earlier versions of SHSUCDX). You must include

a c+ switch if you load DOSLFN before SHSUCDX, and you want long file names


Since I load DOSLFN after SHSUCDX,I don't need to use the -c+ switch. But I see that the 8+3 chars limitation is not removed when FreeDOS has been loaded,so,I have removed the old version of SHSUCDX that I used before (2.1) and I have changed it with the new version (3.01) suggested and I started the DOSLFN driver from the command line with the -c+ switch,but this has not helped me at all,because every file and folder are still truncated at 8+3 chars. Do you have any suggest ? Thanks in advance.

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