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creating a 2-up printer


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I often print documents using "2 pages per sheet" in "Printing Preferences".

But I have to reset this preference every time -- even if I click "apply" after setting this, the next time I open that printer it's reverted to "1 page per sheet".

Same if I go through Settings/Printers an select the printer icon, change its preferences; it has reverted next time I open it.

Can this be made to stick?

This is for a HP Laserjet 5MP PS, using Win2k, if it makes a difference.

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I just tried doing this with a Laserjet 2200d (my default printer), and it worked as it should. I happen to have a 5MP PS printer installed, too, so I tried it, and it also preserved the 2-up setting.

Make sure you have the latest driver. The one that comes in the "point and print bundle" is not the latest one. You want "02.12.01

4 Apr 2002." (File name lj632en.exe)


If that fails, maybe try uninstalling the printer, (maybe) then rebooting, and then reinstalling the printer.

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You want "02.12.01 4 Apr 2002." (File name lj632en.exe)

Thanks. I installed the HP version of the driver, which was slightly newer than the built in one with Windows.

I'm not sure if it was there before, but under "properties" there is "Printing preferences/Finishing" where I can set "pages per sheet". And this is persistent. So finally I can just select the "2-up" printer when I want to do that instead of having to reconfigure each time.

I think the n-up settings were under "Layout/advanced" before. But as I said, they did not stick.

One difference: Previously each original page had an outline around it when I did them 2-up. the "Finishing" version does not. Not a problem though.

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