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windows 7 mondo?


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Does anybody know what windows 7 Mondo Blue edition is? Is this a pre-release RC version

and are there any other edition types?

I found reference to 'mindi' too via google, but there doesn't seem to be detailed info on these.

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If you search for "mondo blue" and "Microsoft" on google, you would have figured out it's warez by the other "mondo blue" Microsoft apps that are on torrent and warez sites ;). Microsoft only distributes time-limited trial copies of certain things (like Windows Server) on the open web that cannot be activated - everything else is only available from the VL licensing site, Technet subscription sites, or MSDN subscription sites. If it's a Microsoft trial, you'll find it on microsoft.com somewhere - if it's got a name like "mondo blue", even for Microsoft, that's not going to pass as a product name. Warning bells should start if it's got a Microsoft name and then an unknown name in the title.

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