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Creating Bootable CD


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Hi Gus!

I am new to Nlite and I have manage to create an iso and burn it to a cd.

The only issue I am having is that wenever I boot from it I get an error message "Line 28 of INF file \I386\winnt.sif is invalid Press any key to Continue"

Whe I press the Key the system restart.

Is any one has come acros this error if so how do I fix it?

Many Thank

PS I hope I am on the correct Forum :realmad::realmad:

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MOBO, also attach your txtsetup.sif, but be sure there is no private data in it. Also attach the txtsetup.sif from the original CD. Where did your source CD come from? Have you run nLite more than once against the same source? Enjoy, John.

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