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MS KB955759 repeated appearance

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Hi all,

I hope this is the right place to post this...

Has anyone found a fix for the continual reappearance of the KB955759 update? (This doesn't happen on all XP SP3 installs, but when it does it's terribly annoying!)

Googling for this I've found several instances of the same advice (eg here - 955759 advice, which generally points to a Microsoft "FixIt": support.microsoft.com/kb/954157

The MS FixIt doesn't fix it, at all.

I have created a .cmd script with the code MS suggest, to rename and remove the .dll files associated with Indeo codec; this does the intended job if run from RunOnceEx.cmd (it does nothing if run while windows is logged on, obviously, as windows refuses to rename .dlls in the System32 folder).

However, when the machine boots, even though it no longer has the .dll files, KB955759 still pops up in the MS Updates critical list. You can tell it to install as often as you like, but 10 minutes later, up pops the yellow system tray shield again, telling you KB955759 is ready for install.

The "fix", such as it is, is to tell MS Update to stop telling me about this update after the first install, but I'd rather use a proper fix rather than a bodge that could be broken at anytime (i.e. by restoring hidden updates).

I am wondering if it is conflicting with some other MS update, but I've not found any suggestion this might be the case as yet.

Any other suggestions gratefully received.


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The real question is why when you tell it to install does it still popup. Perhaps the KB955759.log file from a system where it fails attached to the thread might shed some light.

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I remember someone here had a similar issue and a chkdsk fixed it.

See if you have the correct binaries...

aclayers.dll should be version 5.1.2600.5906

sysmain.sdb should have a size of 1,206,508 bytes

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Thanks both.

I've checked; aclayers.dll and sysmain.sdb are the version / byte size -X- lists.

I'm afraid I'm not experienced enough (at all) to understand half the contents, however attached are what were the "KB955759.log" files from two machines that I have recently imaged (renamed as .txt files to allow upload).

The machines they came from are both Dell Optiplex 780's; one is a tower chassis, the other is the ultra small form factor.

Thus far I have not used this image disk on any other machine types, but I suspect it's not hardware-dependent.




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The problem is ultimately this:

1.563: MyMakePerFileExceptionA: MakePerFileException failed; error=0x6ba.
1.563: Copied file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\DllCache\sysmain.sdb
1.579: MyMakePerFileExceptionA: MakePerFileException failed; error=0x6ba.
1.579: Copied file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\DllCache\aclayers.dll
1.594: MyMakePerFileExceptionA: MakePerFileException failed; error=0x6ba.
1.594: Copied file: c:\windows\$hf_mig$\KB955759\SP3QFE\sysmain.sdb
1.641: MyMakePerFileExceptionA: MakePerFileException failed; error=0x6ba.
1.641: Copied file: c:\windows\$hf_mig$\KB955759\SP3QFE\aclayers.dll
1.657: DoInstallation: Installing assemblies with source root path: c:\a5849f6a518b44520270b2713ca3\

However, the patch install was run in SP3GDR mode:

0.375: Hotfix started with following command line: /q /n /z /b:SP3GDR

It's not attempting, for some reason, to copy either sysmain.sdb or aclayers.dll to \system32, only the \$hf_mig$ folder and \system32\dllcache - also, note it's trying to copy SP3QFE binaries, rather than SP3GDR binaries. The error itself is saying that RPC calls to delete the files fails, so that may be because you've manually attempted to delete the files (or it could be a bad service pack installation previously - it's one or the other).

This would seem to indicate that AnalyzeForBranching determined that the hotfix should be installed in QFE mode, yet the hotfix keeps getting reinstalled in GDR mode which is why it keeps failing - it likely needs to update SP3QFE binaries, but is being run in SP3GDR mode. Did you use HFSlip or nLite, or another tool to customize this install? It's behaving as if everything installed is QFE, but the command line is telling it the binaries are GDR during branch analysis. You'll need to tell us more about these images, and how they were built, because I think the answer lies there.

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Thanks for this, especially the time you put into investigating, and sorry it's taken so long to reply - so many other projects keep arriving that windows imaging had to take a back seat.

The image was built using RyanVM Integrator. I know, there's an RVM forum too and I guess I should have asked there first, really, but I'd been a non-posting 'lurker' here for about 18 months and only recently found RVM.

Anyway... Others on RVM had found this problem and a 'de-integrator' add-on for the troublesome KB955759 was released, which fixed the problem. Once it's de-integrated, it can be installed as a special hotfix under RunOnceEx.

Many thanks again.

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