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Win7 Home Prem. - Cant Print Screen


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Hey all,

It's been a while since I've been here, but was hoping someone can help me out with the issue that I'm having with Win7.

I recently installed Win7 (64bit) Home Premium on my system that was previously running XP pro (32bit), since then I am unable to capture a print screen of any game when running in Full screen mode. I know what you are thinking "what a n00b", "you have to paste it somewhere after", "turn your F-lock key on" or something like that... Let me go over a couple things:

1) Full-screen print screens of games worked wonderful before installing Win7 (was NOT an upgrade, was a full format)

2) Fellow gamers have no issue with Win7 and Print screen in the same game.

3) I know how to use the print screen feature.

4) When I try to print screen a game (Ex: C&C Renegade) it captures my Desktop instead of the Game... WTH?!?!

5) My keyboard is NOT the issue as print screen works fine when the game is in Windowed mode (basically anything that is not full-screen)

6) (and most important) I do NOT want to use a 3rd party software, I would like to correct the issue.

I have scoured the internet and found several posts with people having the same issue, but no actual resolution to fix the problem...

I am hoping that someone here may have the answer for me. Any ideas??

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