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User Interface Boot environment

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Hi everyone,

I am not really finding what I am looking for on the net, maybe someone can point me in the right direction...

first of all I want to say I found the "unattended Setup" pages a few years ago, and found them an absolutely wonderful source of info... and I still revisit the site to brush up whenever I want to do something new with unattended. At any rate I would like to create a dynamic unattended installation... Meaning a GUI at boot where the User can pick and choose for example which software he wants installed after the OS setup... in the background a new unattended.txt will be created according to his choices. That part isn't really the problem, although if anyone out there has any tips before i get started I would be happy to hear them. What I am wondering is the Boot environment... I would like to have a User Friendly, with colors and and and, at the very least somewhat like the Acronis boot environment... or my best case senario would be a GUI with the look and feel of the Windows 7 Setup environment.

any ideas how I can get something like that up and runing?

Thanks for any tips,


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