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nLite+WMP 11 Slipstreamer

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Have been using nLite successfully for a while now (over a year) and it's an excellent program. Wanted to finalize my XP disc, by adding WMP10/11. As part of the search process, I discovered WMP11 Slipstreamer, well known to some around these parts. Anyway, my attempts to use it failed w/ an 'Invalid Product Catalog' error at the very beginning of the GUI [2nd] phase of the XP setup. I ran WMP11SS standalone, against an untouched XP Home fileset, always w/ the same results.

Near the end of my attempts, I became aware that nLite had discovered the existence of WMP11SS on my system and tried to load it automagically w/ every slipstream job. The worst part was when it kept trying to do this even after I uninstalled WMP11SS ! Even worse still, was when nLite tried to launch WMP11SS when attempting to slipstream Media Player 10 !

This is not a file name issue, as the two files have radically different names on my system. Moreover, I even changed the name of WMP10 from MPSETUP.EXE to MP10.EXE, but nLite insisted on using WMP11SS to slipstream WMP10 !

Any ideas ??? BTW, I've currently stopped trying to slipstream WMP at all and chalked this up to stupid MSOFT practices ! (Why can they the learn the concept of CONSISTENCY ?!?!?) IE8 streams in w/o problem, but WMP is SO different ! Why ?!? Anyway, if I have to, I'll silently install WMP11 at GuiRunOnce time, as it's no major inconvenience.


Last Session.ini

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