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Handle "New" document command click in Word2007


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Can anyone help me with handle events when user click "New".

I need to trap this action and if some condition = true show Word 2007 "New document" dialog and if not do my action.

I try to create macro with name "FileNew" and it executed after user click "New" in Word, but then standard "New Document" dialog not shows up.

I try to call Dialog(wdDialogFileNew).show but it show old dialog that was used in Word 2003.

So I need find way to show NEW standard "New Document" dialog or handle click to command menu - "New"


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You need to REPURPOSE the New command buttons. Search on this. You'll have to assign the repurposed macro to the ribbon by customizing the ribbon. See pinned topic on how to modify the ribbon by me.

Can't help much more than that since I haven't had a need to repurpose commands but I believe that's what you're looking for and can be found by googling!

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