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Pxe menu woes. Please help Mission critical Urgent.

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Hi I am following this guide. http://www.howtoforge.com/setting-up...on-ubuntu-9.10

I seem to be have problems with my boot image loading. I put memdisk in the tftpboot folder, I see at least it is trying to load the boot image. When I DO NOT put the append keeppxe I get the error "failed to load udp stack". If I do put append keeppxe I get "TFTP prefix". The boot images does not load either way. What else can I try?. The boot images is 6 megs and is a Dos based menu system.

Thanks again for any help you can offer me.

below is a copy of the menu.

default vesamenu.c32

Menu Background howtoforge_pxe.png

Menu Title Rob's Pxe Boot Menu

label Install Ubuntu

menu label ^Install Ubuntu

menu default

kernel ubuntu-installer/i386/linux

append vga=normal initrd=ubuntu-installer/i386/initrd.gz -- quiet

label Ghost Multicast Menu

menu label ^Ghost Multicast Menu

menu default

kernel memdisk

append keeppxe initrd=mcmcd/pxe.img

label Local_drive

localboot 0

menu label ^Local Drive

prompt 0

timeout 0

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