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Need help my windows time service keeps leaving?


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Hi all can someone help me on this my windows time service under windows service for some reason keeps leaving i notes this when i went into check if my clock had synchronized and it did not. So i hit the button to do it and it told me the process did not exist so i went into services and it was not there i followed a process on a forum how to unregistered and re register it and then it worked. But a few days latter it was gone again so i used my last free support option from Microsoft a support person connected to my computer and he went and changed it to manual but now this means it wont synchronize ether right?. please if someone can help me fix this right or get me some other sort of program to do it i would appreciate it thank you.

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Check to make sure you don't have any viruses.

Then open a command prompt window and run SFC /SCANNOW.


Go to Computer in the Start Menu and right click - select Manage - select Services and Application - select Services

Scroll to Windows Time and set it to Automatic.

Go to your clock in the system tray and right click select - Adjust date/time

You should see a window that looks like the attached ;)


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