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Why cant i finish downloading this driver from ASUS website


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Hello all..

Someone please help so i know that im not going completely crazy....

I just got a new M4A78T-E motherboard from Asus

I went to their website http://support.asus.com/download

I choose


Socket-AM3 (Be careful and DO NOT choose SISOCKET-AM3)



Then i go to chipset and try to download the 300 meg

AMD Chipset Program Driver WHQL V5.10.1000.8 (Package Version 8.561) for Windows 32/64bit XP.

If i choose Global i get 10 kilobytes/sec and it craps out around 30 meg

If i choose China i get 50 Kilobytes/sec and it craps out around 180 megs

Ive done this multiple times multiple days and the results are the same and i can not download the entire drivers....

If i try to open the 180 meg file i get unexpected end of archive error...

Someone Please help me im about to return a perfectly good motherboard because i cant download drivers that is pretty stupid...

Thanks in Advance


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im trying to download it now. Im on a 45M pipe and its saying over an hour. if i get it and its a valid zip, ill put it on an ftp for you to download.

in a search for that file name i found a thread about this exact problem (same file even)

apparently, asus wants to hear from people regarding this so fire away:


--edit-- file downloaded OK, ive PMed FTP info Cytomax -check your inbox

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I really appreciate you doing that for me...

Downloading right now it should be done in 30 min

I need to know how you downloaded it... did you do anything special?

Did you click on the p2p link? global download manager? or just on global or china?

Oh yea i already told asus about the problem.. the tech told me to try and download it again lol........ of course it didnt make a difference

Thanks in advance


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nope. i just downloaded it from the china link.

ive had this problem for years with the ASUS website and you just need a steady connection with NO interruptions.

i had a server sitting idle so i started it there and let it run -actually i started both but the blobal said 3 days or some crap and didnt improve so i killed it when the other one was 50%

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