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Problem with Intel 1000 Ethernet Adapter

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I've bought 40 computers, HP DX7500, and I created an image for those computers. I am having a problem with the Intel Adapter (Gigabit Model: 82567V-2) -

I've read the README file from the INTELXP package (RIS_INF's folder) - And I did step by step from the README file.

What I did is this:

I've created the NIC folder in: [iMAGE_ROOT]\$oem$\$1\Drivers\NIC

and I've added those files:










And I've added the files that i've been told to add from the README to the: [iMAGE_ROOT]\i386 folder.

I've deleted all the *.PNF files from the i386 folder also, changed the riprep.sif file (Added the line: OemPnpDriversPath = \Install\Drivers\NIC)

I did a restart to the Service and also to the Windows Deployment Service, but I am still getting the error:

"The operating system image you selected does not contain the necessary drivers for your network adapter"

I am very familiar with the RIS, but I cannot resolve this problem. I've tried everything, even tried to forward it to the Intel 100 Ethernet's driver folder.

Any one have a solution for this case?

Thank you very much! ! !

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