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[HELP PLS..] integrate vista icons on windows xp installation

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Hello Good Day to all. Pls help me on how to automatically integrate new icons on Vista to windows xp like vistamizer that will integrate the icons, on the windows xp SP3.

Pls help if there a 3rd party program that will automatically integrate icons of vista to windows XP.. Help pls.. Been searching it for months now..

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Brother like u i too was in search of a program like that but got it done other way

one way is to manually replace each icon in shell32.dll file located in C:\WINDOWS\system32 with the icon u want using resource hacker (http://www.askvg.com/transform-your-windows-xp-in-windows-vista-without-any-customization-pack/) perhaps will take really long time (still more files to edit)

Other method is to download a transformation pack(braco pack inspirat vista in my case) install it and find

shell32.dll (contains nearly all icons),

logonui(for changing logon screen),

msgina.dll(change the text & background of Shutdown dialog box),

sysdm(system properties),

comctl32.dll(change the icons appearing in upper-right side of Open/Save dialog box.),

comdlg32.dll(hange the look of Open/Save dialog box, color box, print box, find & replace box, etc.),

explorer(change Start button text, Programs Menu text and my computer icon),

mydocs.dll(change my documents icon),

shimgvw.dll(change image file icons, i.e., BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, etc),

stobject.dll(change volume icon & some other icons in system tray)

and copy these to a folder and zip them and then convert it to cab (use izarc) then go to the folder where u copied windows xp setup files

u will find above mentioned files as cab files there(just insert file name in search menu for that folder)

give ur new files the corresponding name (eg:logonui (first cab it) and rename to LOGONUI.EX)

then replace them by ur recently created files

try this only and only after u have applied all possible update to ur xp source files(and similar case with ur working system and only then replace them)

u can replace the windows vista inspirat logo by replacing it with that of windows xp if u want any try this and report back ur findings

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