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Paging File set at installation and contiguous.


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Just a note concerning why the VBS file was missing in my nLited output. I specified "Administrator VB scripts" in my Component Removal task. I guess it is part on the Safe removal Preset. Enjoy, John.

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The thread shows using pagefileconfig.vbs from the System32 folder. I did not have one on my running system (nLite install), but I had a pagefile.vbs (also not on the running system) in my original CD files.
It turns out that the file is renamed during install. It appears that TXTSETUP.SIF and LAYOUT.INF both rename the file, thus:
pagefile.vbs = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0,pagefileconfig.vbs
pagefile.vbs = 1,,222222,,,,,2,0,0,pagefileconfig.vbs

Enjoy, John.

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