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How Do You Set Group Policies

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Would anyone possible be able to tell me how I set Group Policies in Windows Server 2008 R2 ever with WAIK, Reg File, or as iv noticed an exported *.txt file of them.

Policy	Security Setting
Enforce password history 0 passwords remembered
Maximum password age 999 days
Minimum password age 0 days
Minimum password length 0 characters
Password must meet complexity requirements Disabled
Store passwords using reversible encryption Disabled

Thanks in advance for any help given. :rolleyes:

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Go here. See Post #6 (by me)

It shows how to edit the local security policy and apply it during the build process.

For future readers, this is actually a thread about Security Policy and not so much a Group Policy (secpol.msc is part of gpedit.msc). To manage group policy settings in a similar manner (unattended configuration), see Post #3 (also by me) in the above linked thread.

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